How can we explore the full
potential of Beacon technology?

Beacon technology has opened up an array of new opportunities for creating next generation mobile experiences by providing precise indoor positioning and enabling contextual content delivery.

It attracts developers but also an amazing blend of Fortune 1000 companies and emerging startups, who can see the immense potential to revolutionize mobile experiences and build the infrastructure for the physical web.

We at Upnext believe that this technology has the ability to disrupt and push innovation. That’s why we decided to build BeaconControl a free and open­source platform that enables developers to an easy process of deploying beacons and designing beacon­-powered software solutions.

It’s a platform to set up and manage beacon deployments of any size and scale. It provides easy integration with new or existing apps and leverages the power of providing content through api’s and building intelligence by using an extensive set of data analytics features. It’s one robust system that is constantly evolving, driven by a community of developers around the world.

We truly believe that collaboration is the key to success. That's why BeaconControl is free and open-source. We want to join forces with developers around the world and develop the future of beacon technology together. That's also why we've partnered up with, a global manufacturer of best-in-class beacons and a top innovator in proximity solutions. Their fine hardware design, reliable firmware and a range of specialized products make them the best choice for every use case and implementation. That’s why we created a plug and play integration for their hardware.

Admin panel: Map view of active beacons

But BeaconControl is about exploring limits, not setting them. Therefore you don't have to use particular beacons to develop with the platform. If you decide to integrate different hardware, please feel free to do so. We want to create a community of developers that can explore the possibilities of beacon technology and take it to the next level without any boundaries.

BeaconControl enables developers to share solutions and contribute their own add-ons and features. By joining our supportive community you'll not only speed up your workflow but also help to push this exciting technology forward.

We are Upnext and we design and develop high-end digital and mobile solutions for major global brands.

As a pioneer in context-aware and proximity-based payment technologies, we discovered the potential of beacons instantly but the majority of available ways to manage them didn't satisfy us.

It sounded like a challenge, so we faced it and created the most comprehensive and easy-to-use platform to control and manage beacons. That's how BeaconControl emerged.