The future of payments
is invisible

As technology evolves, paying for goods and services is becoming ever more seamless. You enter your UBER car, you arrive at your destination, the payment is handled in the cloud - that’s it! You get a receipt via email and have not thought about cash or cards even once.

With location based technology like beacons you’re able to pay just by saying your name to the waiter. We are moving away from physical monetary exchanges and are utilizing our smartphones for check-in payments, which fade the payment process into the background so that it becomes invisible.

Using beacons with a technology called Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), companies like Dash, Reserve and Tab are three startups that want to make dining out easier. All three apps allow diners to pay quickly and easily by just saying their name to the waiter or barman. All these apps turn dining out into an experience that’s only about the food, the people and the atmosphere - and not about the bill anymore. The app automatically bills the cost to the user’s card, which is stored securely in the cloud so there’s no need to call over a waiter or think about whether you have enough cash. Payment has become an automatic process that takes place in the background.

Check-in payments save time for merchants and require less input from employees, which helps to reduce costs and drive customer retention with loyalty rewards.

When a customer is near a point-of-sale system beacons allow retailers to send targeted offers to their clients as soon as they step into a store. It helps and guides customers in their decision making process and rewards them with loyalty perks when they leave the store.

As a pioneer in this field, Upnext paved the way for various clients to integrate check-in payment technology.