Empowering a campus
full of innovators

Is there a better place to test a game changing technology than a campus full of innovators? Factory is a network of accelerator spaces that brings together the “best-in-class” startups with international tech companies, sets them up under one roof and provides them with an outstanding workplace, inspiring events, and an involved community of founders and supporters.

We identified the huge potential immediately and transformed the Factory into a Beacon playground and smart office. Beacons managed by BeaconControl enhance the Factory experience by adding check-in payments, contextual content delivery, indoor navigation, access control and much more.

We helped the Factory to deploy beacons and create a technology-enabled workspace, by providing them with the tools to build personalized mobile interactions and more efficient workflows for day-to-day activities. Additionally we encouraged the Factory community to design their proximity-driven reality themselves, by using the BeaconControl APIs and SDKs.

Offices of the future will make you look like a superhero. The best part? The technology to get started is here today, thanks to beacons and connected devices.